Welcoming a guest is welcoming God

What? An evening for film lovers and gourmands

Where? ‘Skonio Slėnis’ restaurant

When? February 11th, 6:30 PM

Have no doubt that we do our best when preparing for every event – but our excitement for this one was still twice as great, because inviting a guest into your own home is like inviting God. How else could you receive such a guest other than by preparing the finest you have to offer? Our home will soon become a home for film and food lovers as well. We’re preparing a gourmet film for you and a tasting dinner that will be no less delicious. Anyone who knows us knows that we always seek to delight or guests’ eyes as well as their palates.

Here are a few details about the evening, to ensure that your stomach is suitably prepared: the cold snacks will include smoked turbot with cuttlefish ink and salad with cranberries and chestnuts. Our hot snacks will include Burgundy snails, fried scallops, young octopus, and spinach purée. There’s nothing better than soup to warm the stomach, so we’ll offer up our discovery – seared beef bone broth with vegetables. For our hot dishes, we’ll serve an octopus in red wine sauce, black cusk-eel, seared duck breast, horse sirloin, and venison steak with pine salt, garlic butter and spinach porridge. For our sweetest morsels, we’ll serve fig rolls, crème brûlée and a chocolate dessert with salted caramel cream.

We invite you to do us the honour of paying us a visit. We’re waiting for you with arms wide open!