Evening of flavour

What: Opening of the Skonio Slėnis restaurant

Where: Skonio Slėnis restaurant

When: November 22nd, 2013

We felt worried that evening, as if we were facing an important exam. One thing helped calm us down, however – the heartfelt smiles from our loved ones, friends and colleagues. Having people like that at your back gives you the courage to begin.

It’s hard to hide anything between four white walls – everything is special. One’s eyes will be caught by the table loaded with sweets, while another’s will be drawn to the fresh bread and matured cheese with sun-dried paprika or home-made spreads. Handsome waiters, their backs stiff as rods, weave in between the guests, offering apple juice, wine and stronger drinks. They carry their trays masterfully, walking amongst the guests without losing a single crumb or drop!

The flavours on the tables compete with each other, so it’s fitting that the evening’s hostess wished everyone a proper argument. That’s right – good taste can be argued over! “We are gifted – we do what we know best,” smiled Jolanta. The evening went off like a hot knife through butter, and everything was more than perfect.