Food is tradition

What: Presentation of traditional Lithuanian cuisine

Where: Pirklių Klubas

When: November 20th, 2013

It is said that tradition is a nation’s soul. Are there any traditions that aren’t accompanied by dishes of old, each with their own special preparation process? Isn’t each country’s cuisine a source of distinction and pride?

We know that our white curd cheese and our black bread are EU Culinary Heritage items. Our noblemen have long enjoyed dishes with poultry and game meat as well. In the 16th century, the Bernardines, who arrived here from southern European countries, were impressed by mead – an intoxicating yet mild beverage with the natural flavour and aroma of honey. Inspired by this drink, the Bernardines created krupnikas, which was first officially served to guests in 1593 at the opening of the Radvila castle in Nesvyžius.

Therefore, we won’t hesitate to invite you to our table. We’ll start with the snow-white curd cheese surrounded by beautiful red cranberries and smiling, sun-kissed quinces. These are followed by stuffed fish and duck – whichever you prefer. We won’t let you take a bite of our bread without smelling it first – your stomach will be twice as eager after the aroma of sweet flag tickles your nose and reminds you of home. Don’t forget to try our pâtés as well: pumpkin, duck, king bolete and veal liver will ensure that there’s a flavour for every palate. For those whose eyes are drawn to our hand-made skruzdelynas, dripping with honey, we’d also like to invite them to try our cottage cheese dessert with forest berries. Is this not a dinner fit for nobles?