Conference on the Euro in Lithuania: Single Market, Single Currency, Single Future

What? Conference – The Euro in Lithuania: one market, one currency, a common future

Where? The Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society

When? September 25th, 2014

The final 100 days have come for us to celebrate and spend our good old familiar litas. May these last 100 days be generous, peaceful and successful, and the days following them 100 times more so!

Whatever happens, we aren’t afraid of losing our identity – it has been in our blood for hundreds of years, so all we need to do is take pride in it and show others something they haven’t seen or tasted yet. At a conference on the introduction of the Euro, we were happy to prepare a table with some of the finest that Lithuania’s gardens have to offer – are they not, after all, worthy of international acclaim? We baked our fragrant traditional bread, and believe us, everyone at that conference became a believer, no matter where in the world they were from. They couldn’t get enough of our white cheeses, whether served with our black bread or with a French baguette.

To ensure that harmony would reign at the Philharmonic society, we also piled our tables with dishes that would be familiar to our European neighbours – towers of herring with chocolate-marinated beets and sage leaves, smoked eel with quince mousse, and slices of chicken with foie gras, wheat and quail eggs. Venison with mint and cranberry sauce, pumpkin rolls with red caviar, tofu morsels in oyster sauce – we could go on, but suffice it to say that the tables were brimming with flavour and colour. The sweet table featured our home-made apple cheese, a hazelnut dessert with almonds and lemon zest, small towers of cheese cake with cinnamon and caramelized apples, and true paradise apples to top it all off – so the table would truly look like paradise!