Christmas holiday menu

There are ladies who don’t like to cook. There are also those who don’t have the time or whose guests arrive unexpectedly, leaving them with no time to bake their fragrant cakes. Besides, it’s better to spend your final moments before the celebration getting dressed up in front of a mirror rather than in a store picking a cake. The ladies at Skonio Slėnis love to bake and will make what you need on time – all that’s left is your desire.

Everyone does this – from New York to Paris and from London to Beijing. Mini-catering means that it’s your table and our food. We are proud to offer dishes that we create using our family’s special recipes using vegetables and fruits from our own farm. We are inspired by the cuisine of noblemen and of the inter-war-era bourgeoisie.


Select your dishes from our Christmas menu, notify us (visit our restaurant, email us at, or call us at +370 695 96 797), and pick up your food, ready and packaged, at the agreed-upon time.


We’re excited to meet you!

Jolanta Šlapelienė


Christmas menu – cold dishes and desserts (PDF)

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